CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron Celebrates Antoinese’s DEBT FREE COLLEGE DEGREE!!!

I’ve known her since she was 10. Watched her through her teen years and her college years. I’m very proud of you Antoinese because you made it all the way through DEBT FREE and as Magna Cum Laude too. What a journey and what a story you can share with your grandkids one day many many many many years into the future. Haha




When I first started sharing my debt free college strategies, Antoinese was graduating from high school. Back then, she wanted to follow what her friends were doing. Many of them were moving away unprepared for the financial and emotional realities of life. Antoinese’s mother did not cave to the pressure of her daughter and stood her ground. Debra insisted that they were going to make a wise college financial decision that would prepare her for long term success. Antoinese was not excited about this but she didn’t have much of a choice. Lol!

After her first year of college, she noticed that some of those same friends that went away, came back home with a lot of debt. This is when it all clicked and SHE became committed to earning her four year degree DEBT FREE! Antoinese worked two jobs and paid her way through school. This developed her maturity and her level of responsibility.

On this day, she completed the journey debt free!!!!! She’s matured and is ready to begin her career without any debt weight. Congrats Antoinese!!!!