Jay Cameron

The philosophy of Jay Cameron has been developed over the years by a unique blend of life experiences. Jay was raised in a single-parent household in the multicultural southwest section of the Washington, DC and attended private and public schools.  This upbringing proved to be beneficial for Jay as he gained a deep appreciation for people of all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Jay Cameron has always had ideas that seem to be “outside of the box.” But this is right in step with his personality and vision. Jay’s passion is to help others reach their maximum potential. He uses every talent, skill, and gift he has to serve others. Refusing to be one-dimensional or constrained by convention, his diversified approach has allowed him to serve the needs of the community in multiple capacities.

Despite the many hats that he wears, Jay is most proud to be a husband and father of four children. He currently resides in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

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Young Jay CameronEntrepreneur

When Jay Cameron was nine years old, he decided that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. This manifested at age eleven when he asked his grandparents if he could take a course in small engine repair so that he could start his own business. Although that business never developed because of financial constraints, Jay did take the course, and his entrepreneurial spirit was born.

As an adult, Jay has always been eager to try new things. Whether it was selling watermelons out of a U-Haul truck, rehabbing houses, or promoting a concert, Jay was determined to develop as a businessman.

Over the years, Jay has launched several businesses thus fulfilling his childhood vision of becoming an entrepreneur. He has served as a project manager for major state-sponsored contracts. As a real estate investor, he has restored homes in disrepair and made them available for rent or resale. Jay has also served as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and a variety of other businesses and organizations.

Jay speaking at the South Korean Embassy at age 14

Jay Cameron speaking at the South Korean Embassy at age 14


In junior high school, Jay Cameron began to develop as a public speaker. His principal and guidance counselor noticed his ability to communicate and convinced him to sharpen these skills. They encouraged him to run for student government treasurer. He agreed, but lost the election by one vote. Although this was his only stint in politics, the loss did not deter him from continuing to hone his skills as a speaker.

After the student government campaign, Jay was invited to speak about the plight of youths at the South Korean Embassy. As an adult, he became a national speaker and top-rated radio announcer in the Washington, DC, area.

As a speaker, Jay has created powerful messages designed to inspire positive changes. He has conducted a wide range of seminars devoted to personal development, business training, education planning, relationships, and healthy lifestyles. Jay’s wealth of wisdom combined with his truthful yet compassionate approach touches hearts and transcends generations and ethnic lines.


In high school, Jay the marketer was born when he ran for Homecoming King. Jay observed that in previous years, everyone followed the same template and thought they could have been more effective. When it was his time to run, he decided to do something different. With help from friends, Jay created massive banners instead of basic copy paper flyers. These banners were colorful, eye-catching, and impressed his classmates. This marketing strategy was successful, and Jay became Homecoming King. During his high school years, Jay also discovered his ability to write music and play the piano, which led to performing in talent shows and hosting events.

After graduating from high school, Jay moved to Atlanta to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he could study broadcasting and develop his talents as a music producer. While in Atlanta, Jay discovered his promotion skills as a regional recruiter for Showtime at the Apollo. This experience required him and a business partner to create recruiting campaigns and host auditions for the Apollo Theater.

Later that year, Jay decided that he wanted to become more involved in concert and event promotions. He moved to South Carolina, partnered with a local radio station, and began promoting parties and concerts. Drawing upon his experience running for Homecoming King, Jay’s approach to promotions was unique and effective. As a result, his events attracted thousands of people and were huge successes.


After completing broadcasting school, Jay Cameron moved back to Washington, DC to pursue a career in radio. He landed his first job in broadcasting as a part-time announcer and production assistant. A competing radio station noticed his skills as a radio announcer & marketer and offered him a position as promotions/marketing director and part-time announcer.

His promotions and marketing strategies impressed his managers, and Jay quickly advanced to full-time afternoon announcer. Within three months, he became the top-rated afternoon personality in the genre. Additionally, the radio station became the number one radio station in the market in this particular format. Within the next three months, Jay was promoted to the morning show team.

Building upon his marketing and entrepreneurial skills, Jay continued to sponsor sold-out concerts and events. He created the online streaming radio station, Life Radio Online. Additionally, Jay has provided voice-overs for organizations and companies worldwide.

Old Man JayProductions

At an early age, Jay developed an appreciation for creative expression. In 1999, Jay began to write stage plays based upon his life experiences. Although he had often been successful, his journey had also been very difficult. He wanted to help others avoid the same mistakes he had made along the way. Jay discovered that illustrating the stories carried a greater impact than simply telling the story.

Jay Cameron has written several live, theatrical productions that address a host of social, emotional, and spiritual issues faced by many. As a result of these messages, Jay’s productions and events have reached more than 200,000 people worldwide through live stage plays, internet broadcasts, and DVDs.

As a videographer, Jay has hosted and produced television programs, movies, and commercials for numerous businesses and organizations. Jay’s musical writing and production skills have not been wasted either, as he has written jingles for businesses and songs for events.


In 2019, Jay will be releasing his first book Fatherless Fathering, a book about being a father without the benefit of being properly fathered. This book speaks to issues many men and women face when they have lacked paternal training.

In a candid account of his early life, Jay walks you through the many challenges he faced, his transformation and solutions to a lack of being fathered. This book covers a wide spectrum that will inspire many to be the best parent they can be.

Jay Cameron is also writing Toxic Love – Ten Relationship Mistakes That Nearly Cost Me Everything, which addresses the complexities that many people face in relationships. His goal is to share what he has learned from his personal experiences and offer solutions for those who might be facing issues identified in the book.

Jay is also working on The Education Business Plan, a book about earning a college education without student loans.

Jay speaking with families at the 10,000 Bookbags Back-to-School Giveaway

Jay speaking with families at the 10,000 Bookbags Back-to-School Giveaway

Giving Back

In 1999, Jay Cameron founded Urban Change, a community outreach organization that seeks to support under-served urban communities. Urban Change has provided job, educational, and financial literacy training.

Through it’s 10,000 Bookbag Back-to-School Giveaway, Urban Change distributed more than 25,000 book bags with school supplies to underprivileged families in the Washington, DC, area. This campaign garnered celebrity and political support along with national recognition. Urban Change has also supported communities abroad by donating more than a thousand book bags to India and Haiti for students in impoverished areas. Additionally, Urban Change donated a school bus to Haiti to assist with transportation needs after the tragic earthquake in 2010.

Urban Change also sponsors Life Camp, a summer camp with an emphasis on creative expression, performing arts, financial literacy, and life skills. Jay’s goal for Life Camp has been to offer positive summer experiences that a child will remember for a lifetime.