Nope, I’m not on an African adventure today. In between my travels, I make sure to take care of my main business, ME! My father died more than 25 years ago because of something that went undetected for YEARS. When it was finally detected,…

Now Available - Jay Cameron's Fatherless Fathering Book Release

Sign up to receive FREE email or text excerpts! Fatherless Fathering - A Practical Guide For Men and Women Who Lacked The Benefit of Being Properly Raised By A Father The issue of fatherlessness has been a global…

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

We could not verbally communicate BUT he knew exactly what to do and he showed up too 😆. You gotta love it! #Brazil #Travel 

My Brother - My Brother

This pic has made my day. Instead of going out for lunch, I decided to order room service. Placing the order was an adventure because no one spoke English and I don’t speak ANY Portuguese BUT we made it happen 😳. Surprisingly the order…

Kakum National Park Canopy Walk - Ghana

It was hotter than a mug! Summer in December! Another perfect group tour about to wrap up. #africa #worldtraveler #maximumimpacttravel#jaycameron #ghana #westafrica #joinus #yearofreturn #traveltoafrica#afrochella #traveltours

Watch The Ghana Chronicles with Jay Cameron

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Shutdown Blues - The Wake Up Call That Has Inspired Instant Entrepreneurs by Jay Cameron

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. Entrepreneurs are seen as go-getters, the people that make things happen, those who are willing to risk it all just to succeed. Some people…