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A High School Student Teaches America How To Avoid Student Loans #OnAnotherLevel

This Student Who Got into All 8 Ivies Didn't Go For.... by Jon Levine (credit mic.com) High school senior Ronald Nelson had a pretty enviable decision to make during college admission season this year. The star student of Houston High…

Jay Cameron presents The Church Mafia - Attack From The Pews LIVE at The Warner Theatre | 9-12-15

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS Jay Cameron’s - The Church Mafia opened in 2007 to rave reviews. It's back in 2015 LIVE for a limited engagement at the historic Warner Theatre in Washington, DC with a few surprises! Whenever someone hears…

Watch Social Media Profiles, Email Addresses & Voicemail Greetings Can Qualify Or Disqualify You!

This episode highlights tips for ensuring you are not disqualified from opportunities because of making common social media and internet profile mistakes. Watch and learn how to avoid these social media blunders.

Lessons From The Wall

Being a part of "The Wall" pressure washing project has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. It has taken me to another level of EVERYTHING! Serving as project manager taught me more than I could have ever imagined. The magnitude of…

The Art Of Marketing Business And Personal Development Bootcamp

Coming in October 2015. Learn the steps for developing a successful business, project, production or event! This will be one of the most comprehensive bootcamps you will ever attend. Registration opens February 2015 (LIVE or PAY-PER-VIEW) …

Watch Jay Cameron's Video and Audio Production Tips | No Audio?? - No Video!!!

Jay shares tips for ensuring your audio source for your video presentations are professional quality. These tips can help improve the overall quality of your video presentation.
Antoinese Washington graduation picture

Debt Free College Degree - The Seminar Celebrates Graduate Antoinese Washington

Congratulations goes out to Antoinese Washington for completing the first leg of her college degree experience 100% DEBT FREE!!
police car


Yesterday, I was at home in FULL chill-mode planning a trip with my wife when the door bell rang. I looked out of the upstairs window to see who could possibly be at my door. To my surprise, two County police cars were parked in front of my…