As a part of my Uber experiment, I have created a course to help ride share drivers maximize their earnings. Many people start with Uber or Lyft without adequate training and quickly become frustrated by their income results. I have discovered ways to maximize earnings and improve the overall experience.CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron – Uber/Lyft Ride Share Driver Training

I am a firm believer in the ride sharing platforms as lucrative sources of income with the right strategy. The simple reason why many fail with ride sharing is because they lack the proper training.

What you can expect to learn

1. How to get started with ride sharing and reduce your learning curve.
2. Developing your profitable ride share strategy.
3. How to avoid the mistakes and overcome the pitfalls many untrained ride share drivers encounter.
4. How to earn “Five Star” ratings and tip$.
5. How to take advantage of the various incentives offered by ride share companies.

If you are looking to create financial options, ride sharing could be for you.

Sign up using the following referral codes to receive FREE ride share driver training. Once you sign up using the codes, you will receive an email with step one in the ride share training process. Free training is only offered for drivers using the referral codes below.

If you have already signed up with Uber or Lyft and are interested in the training, it is available for a fee.

LYFT: JAY348309

Coming April 2017 – CommonCent$ Rideshare Driver Training Online

Take a look at a quick snippet of the intro to the course.