CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “DEBT FREE COLLEGE DEGREE STRATEGIES” with 2017 Graduate Maliek Blade

Watch & Share Now!! CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron “Debt Free College Degree Strategies” with 2017 Graduate Maliek Blade

With “College Fever” in the air, many families are about to make one of the worst financial decisions of their lives. Watch as Maliek Blade shares how he avoided these mistakes and earned his DEBT FREE Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. With so much emphasis placed on being accepted to and attending college, many students and their families overlook how they are going to PAY for it. They adopt the, “It will all work out” philosophy and as a result, they fall into the massive student loan trap. These unsuspecting students can find themselves paying for college for 20+ years after graduation (if they graduate). Additionally, many students are taking out debt on majors that will be obsolete in ten to fifteen years. This could make finding employment difficult because the degree will be obsolete. The amount of debt + interest they incur can negatively impact their future in ways they could never imagine today.

Watch and learn how you or your loved ones can avoid the student loan financial death grip! @maliekblade @jaycameron1 To watch live, go to or watch after the broadcast by subscribing to CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron on YouTube.