CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron – “FROM HOMELESS TO HOMEOWNER” with guest Lasaundra Powell

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron – “From Homeless To Homeowner”, special guest Lasaundra Powell shares a powerful story about how (in 2014) she moved from NYC to Washington, DC in an old 1995 Volvo and only bringing the items she should fit in the car. Using her instincts, her skills and various strategies, Lasaundra went from not having anyplace to live, to sleeping on a friend’s sofa, to eventually becoming a homeowner and entrepreneur within two years. Her story eliminates the excuses many are accustomed to making when facing life’s obstacles. The words, “I can’t” were not in her vocabulary. Lasaundra took a chance and refused to give up. She was willing to do whatever it took to succeed and she did!

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