CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron Presents – The Financial Detox LIVE

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron Presents – The Financial Detox LIVE

Date(s): Sat, Oct 14, 2017
Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

The Life Center Bowie
13604 Old Annapolis Road

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron Presents

The Financial Detox

Are you tired of facing financial challenges? Do you want to get to the root of the problem? Do you have student loans, credit cards or other debts? Do you want to be financially healthy? If so, it’s time for a Financial Detox!


Why do so many people struggle with managing their finances? Is it a lack of money? Is it a lack of a financial education? Is it something that has nothing to do with money? The answers to these questions are complex and that is why Jay Cameron developed The Financial Detox classes. Over the course of six weeks, you will be given to the tools to lay a new financial foundation or build on a strong foundation.


Everyone is told to BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET or SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. While these are crucial elements of any successful financial plan, the steps that should precede budgeting and savings are oftentimes overlooked. The Financial Detox will walk you step-by-step through the money diagnosis. If you are ready to get to the ROOT of the problem and transform your finances, this six-week class is for you.


Adults and teens are strongly encouraged to attend these classes. Why are teens encouraged to come? For many, the topic of money management is thought to be an “adult” topic. Parents will usually attend financial classes and seminars without their teen or young adult.  The reality is that our financial philosophies are developed from a very young age. As children, we may develop our spending and saving habits. Because most school systems neglect to teach mandatory financial literacy classes, attending The Financial Detox can be very benefical for teens and young adults.


The classes are designed to be fun, upbeat, encouraging and supportive. While, facing financial challenges may be difficult for some, the CommonCent$ goal is to make facing those challenges easier.


  1. It’s Much Deeper Than A Budget – Get To The Root Of The Problem
  2. The Financial Flush – Removing The Junk From Your Financial Life
  3. A Junk-Free Financial Diet – Establishing Your New Plan
  4. The Journey – What To Expect After You Establish Your Plan
  5. Catastrophic Cravings  – How To Avoid Caving To Money Temptations
  6. Financial Fatigue – What To Do When Life Drags You Down
  7. The Credit Cleanse – Restore Your Own Credit
  8. Achieving Financial Fitness – Celebrate Your Success
  9. Pay It Forward – Leaving A Multi-Generational Legacy


  1. Is there a fee for these classes? There is currently no fee for this class. Donations are received at the conclusion of each session to help cover the expenses associated with the class.
  2. Is childcare available? No. Childcare is not currently available during the classes. We hope to add it for future classes.
  3. Is registration mandatory? Yes

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