CommonCent$ presents The DEBT FREE College Degree Seminar LIVE! Learn How To Earn Your Four Year College Degree WITHOUT Any Student Loans

CommonCent$ presents The DEBT FREE College Degree Seminar LIVE! Learn How To Earn Your Four Year College Degree WITHOUT Any Student Loans

Date(s): Sat, Jul 15, 2017
Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

River of Life
4207 Norcross St
Temple Hills, MD 20748

For more than six years, Jay Cameron has been teaching students how to earn their college degrees 100{9069888369846a22295093f51d5c50b671d3e10dfb11fc2432385dbc7ef76391} DEBT FREE! He’s back with an updated version of the original seminar. Complete with new strategies and information, this seminar is informative and inspirational.


Every year, millions of families will be faced with funding college. The uncertainty of the college financing process can intimidate those who are not prepared. With an uncertain economy, it is critical for college students to make wise financial decisions for long-term success. Millions of students over pay and take on a lifetime of debt for college. Don’t be in that number.

Why a DEBT FREE College Degree?

With student loan debt surpassing credit card debt and expected to exceed one trillion dollars, absorbing tens of thousands of dollars in debt leaves students and their families vulnerable to a host of risks. Student loans generally CANNOT be discharged in a bankruptcy? Medical professionals and attorneys who default on their student loans can lose their license to practice. Tax refunds, social security and disability payments can be garnished if a student or a co-signer defaults. These facts are not shared when many families sign up for financial aid assistance.

Why this seminar?

The Debt Free College Degree Seminar walks you step –by-step through the process of financing a debt free college education. The information shared in this seminar can save families 60{9069888369846a22295093f51d5c50b671d3e10dfb11fc2432385dbc7ef76391} to 75{9069888369846a22295093f51d5c50b671d3e10dfb11fc2432385dbc7ef76391} off of the “sticker price” of college. This seminar will give you the tools for long-term educational and financial success.

Who should attend?

  1. Students currently enrolled in college.
  2. Students and families preparing for college.
  3. Those who want to become knowledgeable about the college financing process.
  4. Individuals considering pursuing a graduate degree.

What you will learn?

  1. How to obtain a $100,000+ college education for 60{9069888369846a22295093f51d5c50b671d3e10dfb11fc2432385dbc7ef76391} to 70{9069888369846a22295093f51d5c50b671d3e10dfb11fc2432385dbc7ef76391} less without scholarships or grants.
  2. The ugly truth about student loans.
  3. The top mistakes students and their families make when financing college.
  4. 10 proven strategies for obtaining a debt-free degree and beating the high cost of college.
  5. Learn how to pay off those lingering student loans.
  6. Understanding FAFSA.
  7. Understanding the realities of grants and scholarships and how to obtain them.
  8. The High School Senior Year Debt Free Crash Course “I didn’t plan. I have no money. What do we do?”



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