Five Steps Towards Financial Independence

CommonCent$ with Jay Cameron

These are five CommonCent$ steps that can help establish financial independence. 

1. Understand your financial philosophy

Many people never take the time to understand their mindset and belief systems as it pertains to their personal finances. This is a crucial step that is covered in the CommonCent$ – Personal Finance session. 

2. Develop a financial strategy 

You would be amazed how many people don’t have a financial strategy OR have the wrong financial strategy. Developing the proper financial plan is a vital element in the CommonCent$ program. 

3. Establish solid income streams

Having a solid and consistent income stream (or streams) is essential if you’re going to become financially independent. This can be accomplished regardless of formal education level with the right strategy. 

4. Keep living expenses below income level 

This might seem unrealistic for some but with the right plan and financial philosophy, this can be accomplished. Many people are living well above their income level  and will never reach financial independence as a result. This step requires focus and discipline but the benefits are well worth the effort. 

5. Eliminate liability debt and invest 

Getting rid of liability debt is the first step in CommonCent$ investing. You will learn the importance of liability and consumer debt elimination and how to start investing those post-liability debt dollars. 

This is CommonCent$ information ANYONE can apply to their finances. This program is designed to bring “book smarts” and “street smarts” together under one umbrella. They don’t teach most of this in schools and that is why this program is so valuable. 

Upcoming Workshops and Classes 

  • CommonCent$ – Personal Finance
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