Introducing…Maximum Impact – Reaching Black Girls | A FREE 3-Week Life Prep Bootcamp

Jay Cameron introduces Maximum Impact, a FREE 3-week personal development program. Maximum Impact has been created as a part of Jay’s Life Prep Academy for youth and young adults. It is a comprehensive program that confronts the many issues our youth face on a daily basis. Jay, along with a group of mature women tackle these issues head on and offer practical steps for success. 

Why Black Girls?

Many high school aged black girls face unique cultural, family, emotional and economic challenges. These issues are often overlooked and not addressed. As a result, many girls enter adulthood without the tools they need to become successful women. These deficiencies will threaten this generation if not addressed properly.

Visit the Maximum Impact – Reaching Black Girls page for more information on this exciting new program.

About Jay Cameron

Jay Cameron has mentored boys and girls for more than 20 years. Noticing the lack of consistent positive black male figures in the lives of many of youth, Jay’s desire is to create an atmosphere where boys and girls can see strong  black men and women outside of the negative stereotypes that are promoted by pop culture. 

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