Attendees of the first Maximum Impact for girls

Reflections from the First Maximum Impact – Reaching Black Girls

The last three weeks conducting Maximum Impact have been beyond powerful. These young ladies have been given information that (if applied) can propel them to a level many only dream of.

When I learned that two young ladies traveled all the way from Harrisburg, PA for all three sessions, I knew something special was happening. Talk about a shocking and humbling moment! Both of them are 9th graders and WANTED to be there. They got up early and made sure they were on time. The best part was to see how supportive their mothers were to make sure it all happened.

The things we discussed went FAR beyond financial and career topics. We talked about the issues that can destroy everything they are working for. We talked about having solid character. We talked about their fears. We talked about where they needed to mature. We talked their attitudes. We talked about how to respond to others. We talked about becoming who God created them to become and how to avoid becoming a “culture clone.” We talked about taking responsibility for their choices and lives. We talked about handling adversity. We talked about mental toughness. We talked about not tolerating abuse or being an abuser. We talked about some of the black history the text books seem to omit. We talked about how to love and respect people from other ethnic groups without losing sight of their ethnic heritage(s) and the realities they will face as black youth in America. We talked about not spending all for their parent’s money today because one day (years from now) they just might have to take care of their parents and need that money🤔😆! We talked about human and labor trafficking and why they were targets. We talked about the public and private education systems and why it was important for them to constantly learn outside of those systems. The adults shared their mistakes as well as the girls. Yes, we talked about Jesus! I could go on and on.

My goal was to create a well-rounded experience WITHOUT the hype. There was no music, no superstars, and no flashing lights. There is a place for those things but this was designed to be different. It was a BOOTCAMP! As a live event producer, I look forward to creating the hype event. But what these girls learned over the last three weeks will pay spiritual, emotional and financial dividends for generations!

The people who volunteered their time to share with the girls were the perfect ones for this group. They each brought a different perspective that tied into the goal of Maximum Impact.

We will be back in April with another three week bootcamp for the girls! Next week, we will start the second bootcamp for the boys! I can’t take any credit for the impact this bootcamp is having in the lives of the boys and girls. I just know when God places something on your heart AND you do it, He will bless it. It’s really that simple. It doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges and encounter tough times. It does mean that He will give you the strength to endure.

Thanks to everyone who supported with their words or additional material support. This is just the beginning and I look forward to seeing the IMPACT these kids have in their families and their communities! Stay tuned!