Take Pictures of Everything for Proof! It Can Save You Lots of Money



Over the past two months, I have had two instances where taking pictures proved to be wise. Both situations dealt with my properties.


In April of 2016, one of my properties was completely destroyed by a leak from an upstairs unit. I took pictures of ALL damages and the repair process. Because insurance companies typically like to play games and do things “on-the-cheap.” I knew taking pics would keep an accurate record and hold them accountable.

As the insurance company dragged their feet with the repairs, I sensed something “slick” was about to occur. Based on the condo bylaws, they were supposed to restore everything to “original” condition. To my surprise (kinda), the insurance company installed cheap carpet instead of the original parquet flooring. Because I had pictures of them removing the original parquet flooring, they were BUSTED! Not to mention the fact that they now have to reimburse me (back rent) for every day my property is unavailable for use.

The insurance company tried to pull a “slick” move and claim that carpet was the original flooring. The pictures I took proved the original flooring was parquet. The parquet flooring is CONSIDERABLY more expensive than the carpet and will add value and durability to my property. They don’t care about that. They just want a cheap, quick profit. It’s that simple. Needless to say, I’ll be getting brand new parquet flooring because of the pictures.


One of my single family homes had been on a septic system for at least 50 years. My tenant signed up for the county sewer system in 2010 not realizing she was still on the septic system. It was an honest mistake. When I finally had the county system connected in May of 2016, she realized that she had been paying for the county sewer service for six years. When she informed the county of the mistake, they proceeded to give her the runaround. She was seeking reimbursement for six years worth of payments without any service. They accused her of lying and disconnecting the sewer service herself. It was crazy! They demanded proof that the sewer line had just been connected in May of 2016 and proof is what they got. Because pictures were taken of the new sewer line being installed, they could not refute our claim. Additionally, we had receipts of the septic tank being serviced over the years. Now you would think that would be enough, but it wasn’t.

Every time we would call the office, the people we needed to talk to were never available. As a result, I decided to pay a visit to the office in person. When I arrived, I was immediately taken to the director. When he figured out why I was there, his tune changed. By the time the conversation was over, he refunded my tenant more than $2500 in payments. The pictures made the difference.

My word of advice is to take pictures and scan everything so that you can prove your claim. People can have selective amnesia when it comes to money so your pictures can jog their memory. They have NO problem telling you NO without proof. Cover yourself so that you don’t end up losing hundreds or even thousands on technicalities.

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