Trafficking is Slavery

The Real Deal About Human Trafficking in Washington, DC and Beyond – An In Depth Discussion with Stacy Jewell

The topic of child human trafficking has been in the headlines recently. For many, this is the first time they have been informed about this epidemic. Unfortunately, human trafficking has been around for many years but has remained a taboo topic in most communities. When it has captured some attention, children of color have been overlooked (for the most part).

Stacy Jewell is a survivor of human trafficking and has been sharing her story across the nation for years. She is an advocate for all victims of human trafficking and shares how she was kidnapped, abused and eventually escaped the world of human trafficking. This is a discussion you will not want to miss. The dynamics involved with human trafficking are MUCH deeper than what a short news segment will offer. Stacy will also offer insight into her production, Seven Layers Captive, a stage production that sheds light on her life in the human trafficking world.

Watch now as Jay and Stacy discuss the problem and the solutions to this societal issue. The 24 hour news cycle will quickly move the next story and our children will be forgotten. Please share this post so that our community can become educated about what’s going on in our backyards, homes, schools and religious institutions. Watch and most importantly SHARE!

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